All RIMAP Research Results

LSexE - Comes to Rhode Island

How the ENDEAVOUR became the LORD SANDWICH transport, and came to Rhode Island.

LSexE - Remote Sensing

The high-tech ways to find submerged cultural resources, and the limitation of that technology,

LSexE - The Site Studies

RIMAP has found and mapped 10 sites in Newport Harbor -- could one of them be the LSexE?

LSexE - How To Prove It

What it will take to prove that RIMAP has located the LSexE.

LSexE - Frequently Asked Questions

What to know about how RIMAP plans to identify the Lord Sandwich ex Endeavour.

Calling All Trekkies - Kirk = Cook

The Capt. Cook story is embedded in modern popular culture.

RIMAP Research - The Other Vessels

Rhode Island is called the "Ocean State" because of its rich maritime history.

RIMAP Research - Non-Vessels

Maritime history is also found at shore and inland sites that supported the ships that sailed.