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Published by Kathy Abbass on Saturday, 1st January 1994 - 12:00PM in About RIMAP



RIMAP training is usually offered early each year, with at least two sessions of the Intro class, and a number of specialty topics. Some extra offerings occur throughout the year, especially closer to the summer fieldwork. Class prices vary, depending on materials and class length (3 hours to 2 days). Training schedules are posted on the RIMAP website and special notices are sent to current RIMAP members. Pre-registration is recommended, and written confirmation with details are sent to registered students.

Attendees at RIMAP's 2016 "Introduction to Marine Archaeology" class in Warren, RI. Photo by Greg DeAscentis. © RIMAP

The next scheduled RIMAP classes will be held at the Masonic Hall, 39 Baker St. Warren, RI.

Saturday, September 9 (9-4): Introduction to Marine Archaeology ($50) - Instructor: Kathy Abbass, PhD

How marine archaeologists work, including remote sensing, field methods, legal issues, field documentation, and RIMAP protocols. Open to the general public; required for RIMAP volunteer participation.

Sunday, September 10 (9-12): Site Mapping I ($25) - Instructor: Kerry Lynch, PhD

How to collect and interpret archaeological data. Introduces the selection of a site datum, installation of baselines, linear, circular, and pendulum searches. Recommended for those who participate in RIMAP fieldwork.

Sunday, September 10 (1-4): Site Mapping II ($25) - Instructor: Kerry Lynch, PhD

Introduces the installation of grids and drawing from them. Both Site Mapping classes demonstrate how to interpret field data and create simple site maps. Recommended for those who participate in RIMAP fieldwork.

These classes are the last chance to participate in the 2017 training. The next cycle will start in January 2018.

Use the Application HERE to register for the Fall 2017 training.

Professional archaeologist Joseph W. Zarzynski teaching a RIMAP specialty class on "How to Measure A Cannon," and using 18th-century French bronze guns "Pallas" and "Tantae" as teaching aids. Photo by guest, © RIMAP 2015.

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