RIMAP welcomes a new supporter: Gurney's Resort Newport.

RIMAP has identified a potential Endeavour site in the waters off the shore at the bottom of this photograph.

The Property vs. Preservation Debate: Lusitania & Endeavour

Copy this YouTube address to watch the video:                                                                                     The original debate was held on April 12, 2018. and the video was...

Video of the Sept. 21 Media Event

The complete video of remarks made about the RIMAP-ANMM Search for Endeavour

2017 Update of RIMAP's Search for Capt. Cook's Endeavour Bark

This is how RIMAP has conducted the search for Captain J Cook's Endeavour Bark lost at Newport, RI.

Introduction to RIMAP

The first YouTube video that tells all about RIMAP.

A Conversation about RIMAP

The Hon. Joe McNamara interviews Dr. Abbass.

Endeavour Radio Interview

Breibart radio interviews Dr. Abbass.


RIMAP's history, goals, products, and needs.

2018 RIMAP Membership Application

Please click on the image for the 2018 membership application.

Volunteer for RIMAP Projects

Policies for Volunteers

RIMAP Leadership

RIMAP leaders are committed to the mission of studying and protecting RI's maritime heritage.

LSexE - Comes to Rhode Island

How the ENDEAVOUR became the LORD SANDWICH transport, and came to Rhode Island.

LSexE - Frequently Asked Questions

What to know about how RIMAP plans to identify the Lord Sandwich ex Endeavour.

LSexE - How To Prove It

What it will take to prove that RIMAP has located the LSexE.

LSexE - Remote Sensing

The high-tech ways to find submerged cultural resources, and the limitation of that technology,

LSexE - The Site Studies

RIMAP has found and mapped 10 sites in Newport Harbor -- could one of them be the LSexE?

Calling All Trekkies - Kirk = Cook

The Capt. Cook story is embedded in modern popular culture and RIMAP was at ComicCon!

RIMAP Research - The Other Vessels

Rhode Island is called the "Ocean State" because of its rich maritime history.

RIMAP Research - Non-Vessels

Maritime history is also found at shore and inland sites that supported the ships that sailed.