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Published by Kathy Abbass on Monday, 25th February 2019 - 12:00PM

The RIMAP patch given to volunteers at each Annual Meeting.


© RIMAP 2017

RIMAP's "Introduction to Marine Archaeology" class is required to volunteer for the scheduled research. The various research activity schedules are posted on the RIMAP website and special notices are sent to qualified RIMAP members. Advanced RIMAP classes are recommended for those who participate in selected research projects.

Teams are are selected based on member qualifications and availability, and must match RIMAP's research needs and schedule.

At present there is no charge for participation in RIMAP research activities. These are historical and archival research, diving and non-diving archaeological fieldwork, post-processing of data, and artifact management. RIMAP provides all administrative support and the required field equipment, but all volunteers participate at their own expense. Diving volunteers must be properly certified, bring their own gear that is in good working order, and some projects RIMAP may require DAN insurance. RIMAP divers must also complete one check-out dive to demonstrate their skill level and experience before being assigned to a team.

Non-diving fieldwork projects have included land archaeology and studies of sites accessible in shallow water. Non-divers will also be accepted as assistants for diving teams on a space-available basis. Fieldwork is cancelled in the case of bad weather.

Participation requires all volunteers to fill out the RIMAP medical form, and sign the RIMAP Liability Release and Confidentiality Statements. Volunteers are not allowed to publish or electronically distribute any reports, articles, photographs, videos, or other intellectual property created by participation in RIMAP training or research projects. Permission for such activities will be considered individually. Other media access is carefully controlled.

All RIMAP fieldwork volunteers are encouraged to complete an approved safe boating course, sponsored by the US Coast Guard Auxiliary, the Power Squadron, or RI Department of Environmental Management.

RIMAP's "Not the Gaspee" Project. Unidentified ship (RI 2218) on Greene Island in Occupessatuxet Cove in Warwick. Photo by Joe McNamara. © RIMAP 2015.

The schedule for the 2018 RIMAP field research will be posted in the spring, and intermittent special days will be announced to qualified volunteers.

To sign up for any RIMAP projects, qualified volunteers should contact rhodeislandmap@yahoo.com directly.

RIMAP's Revolutionary War British Transport Study and the Search for the Lord Sandwich ex Endeavour® in Newport's Outer Harbor. Photo by Greg DeAscentis. © RIMAP 2016.

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