Video of the Sept. 21 Media Event

Published by Kathy Abbass on Thursday, 11th October 2018 - 12:02PM

L:-R: James Hunter (ANMM), Kieran Hosty (ANMM), Bill Burns (RIMAP), Kerry Lynch (RIMAP), Greg DeAscentis (RIMAP). Photo by Carol Hottenrott (RIMAP). Photo © 2018 RIMAP

In September, 2018, the Rhode Island Marine Archaeology Project and the Australian National Maritime Museum completed the Phase I survey of the Limited Study Area of Newport Harbor, and determined the most likely candidate of the shipwrecks there to be the Lord Sandwich ex Endeavour. On September 21, the media event announced those findings, and can be seen at:

Note: This video address is not interactive. Please copy and paste into a new tab. 

For a downloadable version of the PowerPoint presentation, please see the "Results" section of this website. 

The photo above features some of the 2018 RIMAP-ANMM team members for the Newport transport fleet fieldwork. They were on board the research vessel moored over the sites, one of which is the primary candidate to be the Lord Sandwich ex Endeavour. Gurney's Resort on Goat Island overlooks the sites and was the location of the September 21 media event. 

Note: This area is closed to the public, with "No Anchor - No Dive" markers.

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